Building a Private Container Platform

woensdag, 17 mei 2017

Elke eerste donderdag van de maand organiseert Snow een technische lezing. Op 1 juni is het onderwerp: Building a Private Container Platform with Rancher.

Running containers in production is hard, because it requires organizations to develop new approaches to monitoring, logging, networking, storage, security and operational processes. Rancher is an open source container management platform that has made this transition successful for thousands of companies.

In this discussion, we will introduce Rancher, and demonstrate:

  • What a private container service is
  • How users can easily deploy Docker containers into isolated environments
  • How teams can leverage orchestration tools like Kubernetes, Mesos and Swarm
  • How containers run equally well on any infrastructure
  • Best practices for container ops, specifically in the areas of monitoring, logging and security.

Er is een beperkt aantal plaatsen beschikbaar voor geïnteresseerden. Bel of mail ons of er eventueel nog plaats is. We starten om 16.00 uur.